Finding Fulfillment or Purpose in Life & Work

Work-life balance is overrated and can sometimes be a myth. Instead, you can find more meaning in “work-life integration”. Finding fulfilment and purpose in your life and work requires your full attention to a life that was made to work. While that is not your only purpose, but work takes a copious amount of your time.

I wrote a short article on Leaderonomics on the top 5 ways to truly find fulfillment or purpose in life and work. Here’s to getting a better outlook on your life regardless of your age or status.


Daryll Tan is the Co-Founder and Director of OpenMinds™. He is actively involved in digital & business consultation, startup mentorship and venture building & partnerships. He is also a part-time digital trainer at TAP by IACT. As an entrepreneur, he strives to make a positive impact and create purposeful jobs. Engage with him on and

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