5 Characteristics of a Positive Entrepreneur

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“Don’t go where your talent can take you but your character cannot sustain you” – a constant reminder from a well respected spiritual leader of mine. Entrepreneurs that take the time to constantly build and sharpen a positive character can achieve higher grounds; do not short change yourself of your moral compass.


Responsibility is an unavoidable choice. It is the drive to deliver, to keep to your word and be present when things go south; or to prevent it from even turning sour. Be uncomfortable and obligated to do what is right. The necessaries of life will produce trust among people. An entrepreneur with good conscience will be dedicated and thorough to his / her work.


Being honest can save you from deceiving yourself. As an entrepreneur, you will be faced with massive amounts of decisions, staying true to your principles and morale while making important decisions will determine the state and future of your business. Be truthful to yourself, your partners, your team; do not trick yourself into a dark corner where you are the only one being shortchanged of light and freedom.


Nothing comes easy. Long-suffering is the key to winning a war. As an entrepreneur, we want fast results. In order to achieve speed, you will need to first understand, “pace”. Entrepreneurs often fear that they are crawling too slow. In my opinion, I rather a crawling entrepreneur that slowly gets up to walk and then run, compared to an entrepreneur that runs from the get-go and does not know how to crawl when he/she falls. Be patient, pace yourself, know that patience will develop a more solid character.


“Curiosity killed the cat”. But, the original rejoinder states “… but satisfaction brought it back”. We often forget that there is a magical amount of satisfaction when we finally close the gap between our curiosity and reality. Always question the norm and be bold to  Being inquisitive takes courage and a tad bit of childlike ignorance, thank God the cat has 9 lives.


Humility derives from selflessness. If you are too caught up with yourself, having the “me, me, ME” syndrome, you will only get bitter and lonely. Having a small ego will hurt less. Always realise that there will always be someone better than you but you are also better than someone else (that’s some saving grace).

Chew on these 5 solid characteristics and there is a possibility that you will embrace a more positive entre[prenerial journey. Do share with me other characteristics that help you as an entrepreneur.



Daryll Tan is the Co-Founder and Director of OpenMinds™. He is actively involved in digital & business consultation, startup mentorship and venture building & partnerships. He is also a part-time digital trainer at TAP by IACT. As an entrepreneur, he strives to make a positive impact and create purposeful jobs. Engage with him on www.linkedin.com/in/darylltan and www.twitter.com/darylltan.

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